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Why You Proofread: The Independent’s Kate Middleton Mistake

April 19, 2011

It’s not often major news outlets let little mistakes slip through. Well, the British newspaper the Independent did just that today on their website.

Take a look at the URL for this story about a jelly bean linked to Kate Middleton, princess-to-be.

This may be changed quick, so I have taken a screenshot and uploaded it for your viewing pleasure.

Yes. Apparently the Independent doesn’t mind printing absolute garbage if people love it, and here is proof. It’s hard to deny a link like that. It looks like someone’s private comment accidentally ended up in the permalink. The other explanation is that the Independent very knowingly released the article with that link as a way to stick it to terrible PR. Either way, the people interested in the story will not take kindly to the tone of the comment, I suspect. We’ll have to see how the Independent responds.

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