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Kickstarter: One Journalist’s Vision

March 31, 2011

After my post about Kickstarter last week, I was excited to see Mashable report on one journalist already making use of Kickstarter’s funding.

Rachel Anderson hopes to raise $30,000 through Kickstarter to continue funding her stay in Libya. She’s been producing weekly multimedia reports on Libyans and needs the funds to be able to stay there and hopefully venture into the more dangerous parts of the country. By donating, people are given updates and direct access to her reports. Those who donate more will be rewarded with things such as a personal skype call with her or another Libyan activist.

This is exactly the type of thing that impresses me about Kickstarter and social media in general. An individual with ambition can be supported through donations by others looking for a specific type of content. Anderson is brave enough to put herself in danger to get the story out, and people are providing her with the money she needs to continue. It’s astounding the lengths she’s gone to get the story, and it’s something large organizations would not fund. She has found a hole in reporting and is catering to those looking for real reports. She doesn’t have someone telling her where to go or where it’s too dangerous. She’s living with the rebels and experiencing their story. It’s a story to watch, one that may become a must for the future studying the rebellion. It isn’t funded by CNN or the New York Times, but ordinary people and one person who wants to show the world the truth.

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