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Follow Up: TechCrunch Really Does Insult AOL

March 10, 2011

Incase there was any doubt after my last post, TechCrunch freelancer Paul Carr has continued complaining about AOL, even as they’re the ones signing his paychecks. In response to announcements today by AOL that they were firing 900 employees, many of them longtime bloggers for the company, he had this to say.

I pointed to TechCrunch as an example of how AOL has been hands off on recently acquired blogs. Carr’s post drips with sarcasm, humorously profiling the way AOL has been managing their business recently through a fictional list of next-steps to better the company. To give you an idea, he kicks off with, “Only completely restructuring the entire company three times a week, instead of five.” It’s just another example of TechCrunch’s editorial freedom granted to them by AOL.

As AOL has continued to shrink (one blog said they are now only a fifth of the size they once were), one must wonder when they’ll bottom out. At what point will they start growing again? Arianna and Tim seem sure that that moment is coming, but as more news like this surfaces, it’s hard to predict the turnaround.

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